3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Box

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The “3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Box” offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating experience; a precision-engineered, mechanical marvel ideal for minds that crave complexity, ensuring a luxurious and intricate assembly adventure.
🌌 Breakthrough Material, High Transparency Acrylic
🚀 More Track Branches, 2.5 Meters Long
🔮 Static Ball Storage, Visible Steel Balls
🧠 Decode Left Brain Thinking
🎯 Train Logic, Regain Focus
🤝 Deep Dialogue with Designers
🎉 Feel the Joy of Brainpower Collision!

Advanced Mechanical Transmission

Construct a complex city of tracks with infinite gear-driven loops and parallel multi-layer tracks for scientific stress relief and gravity-pulled steel balls.

Innovative Material Integration

High-transparency acrylic paired with wood restructures the pure wooden structure of the first-generation track ball, showcasing a more transparent expression and a futuristic feel.

Aesthetic Craftsmanship

Wood grain dyeing and metal screen printing combine to present a high-end black-gray appearance with a metallic texture while retaining the wood grain.

Extended Track Length

Build on the foundation of the first-generation track to create ascending channels, extend the funnel-shaped accelerator, open suspended tunnel branches, and add more gameplay possibilities.


WoodCraft 3D Puzzles are a collection of intricately designed wooden puzzles for adults. The collection includes a variety of designs such as Rotating Music Box, Mechanical Box, Artisan Bookstand, Sunset Carnival Music Box, VintageGear, and ScopeSight.
These puzzles are designed for adults and are recommended for ages 14 and up due to the complexity of the designs and small parts.
No, all the pieces are designed to fit together without the need for glue or any special tools. However, some designs may include additional accessories that require assembly.
The time it takes to complete a puzzle varies depending on the complexity of the design and the individual’s experience with 3D puzzles. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
The puzzles come in a natural wood finish, but you can paint them if you wish. Make sure to use non-toxic paint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Yes, you can disassemble and rebuild the puzzles as many times as you like.
Yes, each puzzle comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process.
The puzzles are made from high-quality plywood, carefully cut with laser technology to ensure precise and smooth edges.
Please check the return policy of the retailer where you purchased the puzzle. Most retailers offer a return or exchange policy for unused and unopened products.
Yes, the puzzles contain small parts that could be a choking hazard for small children. It is recommended to keep the puzzles and their pieces out of reach of children under 3 years old.


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